Sunday, May 23, 2010


We have a mouse. I have named him Monroe and sometimes we chat.

Tonight, as I was writing an email, he came out and chilled on the mat in front of our sink for a little while. I think he'd had a really nice lazy Sunday and was trying to decide if he should have a snack or not before turning in for the night.

He was all, "If I eat this one crumb I am gonna feel sooooooo fat. I already ate one crumb this morning. I'm such a fatty."

And I was all, "Yo, Monroe. Just do it. Eat the crumb. And, you don't look fat because you have really big ears, so the rest of you looks really small."

And he was all, "Thanks, Molly. You're a great friend. G'nite."

AndIwasall, "Goodnight, Monroe. Have a great sleep in my hall closet with my shoes and my mittens and other things that I'm really happy you're crawling all over."

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