Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Miz M: Have you watched Season 3 of Friday Night Lights yet? If so, did you cry all the way through it or is it my PMS?

Me: I have watched everything through Season 4. I cry almost every episode. It is not your PMS, it is TV at its finest. It is riveting. You can get Season 4 illegally online. No need to wait for it to air.

Miz M: Jason Street talking to his baby. Get out of town.

Me: Oh girl, I know. But WAIT until Season 4. Riggins will break your heart. You have NO idea. I need to start a support group. Call me if you ever need to talk/cry an episode out. I do it to Sanchez all the time.

Miz M: Ha!

Me: I'm not joking. I've called him at least 4 times and he's had to tell me to take a few breaths because he couldn't understand me between sobs. It's TOTALLY normal.

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