Friday, December 3, 2010


I loved him back when he was Ronald Miller.

Can't Buy Me Love is just an all time classic, and I have always wanted him to come and pick me up with his lawn mower.

That would just make my life.

*Note to self: get a lawn so I can be picked up by said lawn mower.

And then I went to college in Maine, where he grew up, and saw an advertisement for the pilot of a little show called Grey's Anatomy that was just getting started. The very first episode was going to air and he did a little interview with the local Lewiston, ME news and I watched it. Obviously.


I distinctly remember watching the pilot and falling madly in love with Mister Dempsey all over again. The first few seasons of that show were SO GOOD. I never missed an episode and when I was living in San Francisco I would to go over to my aunt's house every week so we could watch it together.

And then, the show got kinda...not so dreamy. Even though I was a die hard fan, I stopped watching it.

I don't know what triggered it, but today I had a longing for McDreamy and his hospital antics. I want to watch him bein' all in charge of lives, messin' with hearts, yearning for a baby with Meredith (did they end up getting married?!), and I want to see him walk out of that trailer door by the lake all scruffy with bed head wearing a flannel, holding a cup of coffee.

Sweet holidayz I'm almost as hot as I was yesterday at the gym.

I think I'm going to Netflix Grey's and get back in the game. I'm really hoping it doesn't disappoint.

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