Sunday, July 12, 2009


Last night we honored the King of Pop in my friend's backyard in Brooklyn and watched, projected on a large wall, MJ's Moonwalker.

They had a shrine with photos of MJ and a delicious ice cream cake with his name on it. It was a memorial that was, well, fit for a King.

I don't know if any of you have seen Moonwalker, but it is completely and totally insane. It is going to take me a lifetime to process what I saw because it was so weird, parts of it were so magical, and my mind was blown in more directions than I knew what to do with. At times my head hurt and other times I thought my heart was going to explode with amazement.

Please enjoy the attempt Wikipedia makes at trying to summarize one section of the film (note: Mr. Big is played by Joe Pesci):

"At the climax of the song, Mr. Big lays siege to the club and kidnaps one of the children, Katie. Jackson follows them back to Big's lair and ends up surrounded by his henchmen. Mr. Big appears and mentally tortures Jackson by threatening to inject Katie with highly addictive narcotics. While Katie manages to wriggle free from being injected, Mr. Big decides he's had enough and orders his men to kill Katie before finishing off Jackson, but not before a shooting star flies by. Jackson transforms into a giant robot and kills all of Mr. Big's soldiers. After Jackson turns into a giant spaceship, Mr. Big gets into a large hillside mounted energy cannon, firing on the spaceship into a nearby ravine. The children are his next target, but the spaceship returns from the ravine just in time to fire a beam in the cannon with Mr. Big inside, saving the children from destruction."

I know, right? It makes absolutely no sense. At one point, MJ is a claymation rabbit, at one point he is a robot, there are kids, he runs through a field with Sean Lennon and a soccer ball, you see Pee Wee, there are spiderwebs and tarantulas, shooting stars, and guns.

That movie could not have helped MJ's public image as being crazy because I was stone cold sober last night and felt like I was on more drugs than my girl Liza.

Here is one of the best parts of the movie that is truly incredible.

Before you watch it, I would like to state the following:

1. The kid playing MJ is Brandon Quintin Adams
2. Brandon Quintin Adams played Kenny DeNuenez in "The Sandlot"
3. My co-counselor at camp this year is dating the guy who played Timmy Timmons in "The Sandlot"
4. Therefore, I am friends with Brandon Quintin Adams
5. Since I am friends with Brandon Quintin Adams, I am friends with:
Michael Jackson


In closing, the weather report for last night called for rain. It was perfectly clear until, just as the film was ending, the credits started to roll and raindrops started to fall. It was as if Michael was silently weeping on us from above.


I know you are off walking on the moon where you belong.

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