Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Thank you for the extra free cookie. You are the definition of sweetness.

Sanchez first took me to this bakery in my hood last summer right before we went to the movies to see, well, 500 Days of Summer. He tried to tell me that they had the best chocolate chip cookies and I was like, "Boyeee, you crazy. You ever tasted the yummification of Momo Milk Bar's cookie extravaganza, yo?"

And he was like, "Yes. I invented Momo. Shut up. Eat this cookie."

So, I did. And, he was right, as he always is. I will never learn. If you like things that are really sweet, this cookie is not for you. I know that may sound silly because cookies are categorized as "sweets" but it isn't a sweet cookie. Okay?! Can you hang?!

It is the right blend of chewy and crisp, the right blend of bitterness and afternoon delight, and, if you're lucky, the guy behind the counter will give you two for the price of one.

And that, my friend, makes for one damn fine cookie.

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