Sunday, April 25, 2010


It is rain, rain, raining here and I (for once) am glad. I was supposed to be in the studio recording all day, but that fell through because of scheduling, so instead I found myself sleeping in until 10:00am (unheard of) and staying in my pajamas until my 4:00pm trip to the gym.

Even though I was in my jammies, I got A LOT done. I cleaned out my closet, cleaned under my bed, packed away my winter clothes, filled an entire bag with things to give away and mopped, all to the soundtrack of 3 episodes of This American Life and this new wonderful album (I love her). Even though it is exhausting, it feels so good to shed a few figurative pounds and only hold on to what I really need.

Best diet ever: giving away clothes and re-organizing your closet.

Then I dropped off 30lbs. of laundry to my man, Andy, who knows that I don't like fabric softener. Andy rules.

After a day of cleaning, gymming, and running errands, it was time for Supper Club with Wrenndolyn where I made a pretty banging pad thai. I highly recommend this recipe.


And that was only Sunday! I haven't even told you about the bottomless mimosa brunch, or the park, or my sister's school's play, or the b*tch fight that happened in front of my apartment Saturday night.

Those stories will have to wait until later this week.

In the meantime, you can watch this:

while I go climb into bed with a book and pass out.

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