Monday, October 18, 2010


Last night my band had the extreme pleasure of playing at the "Memmy's," the giant party celebrating Memphis The Musical's first full year on Broadway. The insanely wonderful Miz Millah organized the entire evening which was held at B. B. Kings and it was a total blast. David Bryan, the keyboardist from Bon Jovi, wrote the music to the show and he was right there in the audience. We were asked to cover the song "Someday" from Memphis and were a bit nervous when we found out the guy who wrote it would be there. But, he came up to us afterwards and told us that we were great!


Here are just a few shots from our dressing room backstage:

The Mandolin Man folding his pants to put in the fridge.

Bass Boy stole the banjo.

Oh, don't you just love her.

If you put the banjo and the melodica together you'd get a Banjodica.

Or a Melanjo.

The dudes.

It's never too late for a rehearsal.

Ahoy. I'm backstage.

Trying to squeeze us all in...

Wait for it...


More photos taken by an actual photographer to come. But thank you so much to Miz Millah and the entire Memphis team for such an incredible night!

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