Thursday, October 14, 2010


1. My weekend out of town with the kids I teach was too cool for school. We even went apple picking and hit up a corn maze.

2. This is blowing my mind right now.

3. Monday night we had this outrageous hail storm and those balls of ice were giant. I thought my windows were going to explode, no joke. I was actually a little bit freaked out and texted my sister "Has the apocalypse arrived?" to which she replied "Apparently."

4. When you are experiencing a hail storm, the best thing to do is get in the bathtub with a glass of red wine. Do not reinforce your windows or purchase sandbags. Buy Malbec.

5. I think we all know who would win in the face of a natural disaster: Me.

6. I still don't have a dresser and am getting a little sick of having my unmentionables on the floor in a bag.

7. I love my apartment.

8. My band is performing at the year anniversary party for Memphis the Musical. Congratulations, Memphis! One year on Broadway!!!

9. Boustrophedon is a cool word.

10. I got my flu shot today for free from Actors' Equity. Thank you, Union!!!! Are you getting yours?

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