Monday, October 4, 2010



Just wanted to get that out there.

Per the usual, time has been flying by and I can't keep track of where it has been running off to. But, things have been wonderful.

I repeat: Wonderful.

It is now officially fall. As I exclaimed to Mister Defender when we were at the farmer's market this weekend while I was gazing at the giant baskets of apples and butternut squash in the chilly morning, "HEY! IT'S FALL! WHO KNEW!?" Some people turned around and looked at me like I was an idiot.

It's cool, it's cool. I get that a lot.

I am now 70% settled into my new apartment and I don't ever want to leave it. It is so pretty and full of sunlight and clean and spacious. I have been sleeping well because it is so quiet, I have nice neighbors, and I have too many friends to count that live in walking distance of my new abode. I can't tell you how delightful it is to be able to walk out my front door and pop into a friend's apartment for a drink without having to take a train somewhere. I'm in heaven.

Also heaven? My new couch that my sister scored for me at Housing Works for super cheap. If The Sister says something is clean and in good condition, you better believe it is. Fantastic furniture for 2 great causes: charity and the prettification of my apartment.

Now I just need a few funky arm chairs, a dresser, a piano, and a bar cart. And a rug. And an iron. And a file cabinet. And...then I will have to make Sanchez come over and help me hang up my paintings.

To close I give you a random photo of me from this summer when Josebee and I stopped off at the A&W for lunch on our way back from our writer's retreat/swimming hole extravaganza.

The only vegetarian options were french fries and rootbeer floats.

I did not complain.

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Anonymous said...

Love the vegetarian options. Enjoy your new home and definitely get Sanchez to help you arrange pichus.