Monday, October 25, 2010


This morning on my early morning run in the ridiculously beautiful, fall-has-arrived-in-the-trees park, I noticed someone up ahead of me in an ensemble that I knew I wanted to check out.

I picked up my pace.

What was that ensemble, you ask?

Bright explosively blue shiny spandex pants with a matching long sleeve turtle neck shirt, double ankle braces, double knee braces, a giant gold hoop earring in his left ear, black gloves, a ski cap, a diskman, AND a fanny pack.

I did a little drawing for you.

I'm being gracious by saying he was running. He was more scootin' and tootin' along, but I would slow down and take it easy, too, if I had on such a fabulous outfit. I'd want to be sure everyone could see me and take note.

Also, I give major high fives to anyone who is up and moving around. You go, Spandex Stan! You go!

And, to the freakishly old man who looked like he weighed about 4lbs and completely burned me at the end of the loop:


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