Thursday, January 29, 2009


I'm going to share a little secret with y'all that has been working some wonders in my life.  

I have always been really into lists.  I make them every day to help me figure out what I need to accomplish and they've always worked like a charm.  In fact, they are kind of my life line for organization to the point that I bought a small notebook where I write my lists down.  I call it, "Book of Lists."  

I know, it is a complicated title but you'll get it some day.

My move to New York was for a lot of reasons, but the biggest was to make things happen in terms of life and my career; I was ready to live big.  Not that I have ever been the type to live meekly, if you will - I tend to be a "go big or go home" kind of gal - but I think you're catching what I'm throwing.  Right?  Right.

I moved here in September, took some time to feel out the scene, got a lot done, but when the New Year arrived I was ready to get specific and get started.  It was time to get ACTIVATED.  So, I flipped my personal "on" switch, took my little lists, and decided to make a big one.  A life list.  I figured it was time to really ask the universe for the specific things I wanted because there is no time like the present.  Especially when you have a rockin' new president!

I went and bought a big, giant piece of really nice white paper, sat down, and wrote what I wanted out of January.  I came up with six things that I really wanted from this month and wrote them under the header of "January."  

As I said, my titles are complicated.  

I wrote out the rest of the months and then I taped the piece of paper up right next to my bed.  Every day I wake up to see my list, and every day I go to bed and look at it.  I have three days left in January and I have been able to cross of every single thing from that list.  It feels so damn good every time I get to cross something off that list and it helps remind me that I really am getting things done.  I can see my accomplishments right there on my wall.

Putting out into the universe what you want will start to pay off.  But you have to declare it and you have to get out there and just do it.  DECLARE YOSELF.  OWN YO DREAMS.  Say out loud what it is that you want and be specific, not embarrassed about wanting something big or small.  And I think you will be amazed at what starts to appear...


Anonymous said...

Gung Hey Fat Choy and Gung Ho on this post. I understand your mother was a fan of satirical criticism and is now trying to change up her game and your blogging. As Carnegie said, "If you want to gather honey, don't kick over the beehive or feauture famous folks carrying their FLeet." Here's to you gathering nothing but honey, honey.

MAC said...

Amen. I'm all about honey. Bring it on!

bonnie said...

i understand. my lists have lists. if there are no expectations, there are no accomplishments. go for it.