Tuesday, February 3, 2009


HIYA!  Been real busy here in the life of this here blogger.  Had my first band practice last night and we, well, rocked.  I am really excited about it and I must say it was nice to make some beeyoutiful music.  I can't even begin to tell you how much I love singing and playing music.  It makes me feel alive, alive-o.

Kimtastic forwarded me these links (where she finds these things, I know not) but I find them pretty neat-o.  

The first one is a website where you can find bathrooms.  It is called Sit or Squat.  You can put in a city anywhere in the world, click on a neighborhood, and find bathrooms!  They have the address and you can download the application to your blackberry or iPhone so if you are out and about and need to wee you can find a place to go.  Technology these days.  I tell ya.

Meet In Between let's you figure out where you can meet someone in the middle.  Love it.

And THIS helps you find a happy hour going on wherever you are at anytime.  Lord knows we have all found ourselves needing a stiff one at 10:00am.  Or not...

There are lots of things on the horizon, like my up and coming fame as a rockstar.  I also have to start apartment hunting with my roomie, Larkita, because our sublet is up.  Did you know that we have been friends for 11 years??  11!  And the number just keeps getting bigger.  I love that.

On Thursday I will be attending a taping of the Rachel Ray Show.  We are going because Kimtastic got us tickets.  It is going to be hilarious and I am planning on being extremely animated so I get on camera.  I really don't like the Rayster at all (sorry, Mom, but you have to get over it) but I think the people watching is going to be off the chain.  I will definitely be posting about the experience.

Ok, off to the theatre.  Peace!

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