Wednesday, February 4, 2009


The day before the inauguration, my sister and I went sledding with two of our buddies. The snow was falling, it was gorgeous out, and we had a B-L-A-S-T. Let me tell ya. The sister and I started off on a hill that was a bit too small...

I still managed to slam myself into a tree and the seven year old boy next to me came over and sweetly asked, "Are you okay?" It made me feel a little bit old. But it was great. And there was a fellow walking his dog who told us about a bigger hill down the way, so as a thank you I asked him if he wanted to ride our sled and he said, "Yes!" So I watched his pooch while he took a turn and it was good fun. I love New Yorkers. And I love dogs!

The hill he recommended was FIERCE. Our buddies, Diwata and Golden Retriever, came to meet us and we were flying down that thing like nobody's business. We were definitely the oldest people out there but we were very skilled and showed the youngins how we roll. It was genius because the city had put bails of hay down at the bottom, so you could slam into them and fall off without getting hurt. Brilliance.

Good form, Diwata.

Urban outdoor entertainment.

I was cracking up the entire time.

Things got crazy.

And he needed a ride home because he was overcome with all of the excitement.

It was like Narnia (check the lamp post!) when we were walking back home. I will probably be naming one of my daughter's Lucy.

So fun. A great outdoor activity followed by yummy food from Shake Shack. Perfecto.

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