Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I would like to thank my two dear friends, Miz Millah and Natty Ice, for informing me that Heath was prominently featured in LAST year's Memorial Vid Montage at the Crapscars because he died LAST YEAR.

That explains that. Miz Millah even texted me within minutes of my posting. You people are my heroes. You give me hope.

I also had a new name for Justin Timby's girlfriend pop into my head when I was at the gym yesterday:
Jessica BRiel (get it? be real? no? doesn't work?)

I also wanted to mention, in regards to Sunday night's sh*tshow, that I found the James Franco/Seth Rogen thing hilarious.

And to quote the great Billy Madison regarding you, Mr. Franco:
Soooooooo hot, want to touch the heiney. Arooooo!!!!!!

He is one good looking man. And Seth Rogen, I think I have a crush on you, too.

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