Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I was on the subway yesterday around 3:30pm and all the high school kids were on my train. A young fellow steps on wearing what I will call "thug chic" apparel. He had on really nice skinny jeans, but they were sagged below his butt. He had on a giant hoodie sweatshirt but it was covered with blue and gold metallic designs of doodles that looked like they had been drawn by a first grade girl (I think I spotted a pony). He was also rocking a pseudo-Von Dutch hat, which was quite the throw back. While talking to his lady friend, he turned around and I notice something in his backpack. You know the part of the backpack that is on the side, made of mesh and is for your water bottle? Do you know what was in this pocket?


I sh*t you not. A big, square, bottle of cologne was sloshing around in there, visible to everyone. I was dying. DYING. I am so glad that he was far enough away from me that I couldn't smell him, so I could just relish in the spectacle. But seriously, is that the new thing? Do kids display their cologne bottles instead of their Nalgenes covered in stickers?

It totally made my day.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the 411 on fashion forward backpacking. You know how I love me a big jug of cologne- so I can be constantly dousing and sweetanin up the world. I am off to REI to get a new backpack and TJMaxx for restock of my Liz Taylor, White Diamonds Eau de Parfum.