Wednesday, March 18, 2009


For some reason I am getting spam to one of my email addresses from an 

How did that happen?  They have no idea who they are emailing that to.  I start laughing every time one arrives in my Spam Inbox.  They make my day.

A to the Men!

P.S. The parade yesterday was off the hook.  I have numerous photos and need to find the time to upload them and add appropriate commentary.  Let's just say there was a ton of spandex, crushed velvet, and awkward teenagers in marching bands and kilts.

And hot cops.  To quote one of my bosses, "Get your little green ass down there and find yourself a cute man!  There are tons of them!  Just reach out and take one!"

I opted to watch from the sidelines and was in bed by 10:00pm, but still had a glorious time.

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