Friday, March 20, 2009


I am glad it is Friday. I woke up this morning to go to an 8:00am spin class and it was SNOWING.
WTF NEW YORK? It was like summer on Tuesday and then today turned into grossness. I guess Tuesday was just because of the luck of the Irish. Or global warming. Who knows.
Anyways, my spin class totes made my day because there was a 60+ year old woman weighing about 80lbs, who had obviously had about 13 face lifts, wearing skin tight white spandex. She did expressive arm movements the entire class, basically was dancing on her bike, and put on a big fur hat during the cool down. The room was like 105 degrees and there was Grandma Twiggy in her Dr. Zhivago headgear. Stellar.
This weekend I will be continuing my theme of rest and relaxation. Although I have been a busy bee, per the usual, I have been getting to bed early and feeling good. There is always so much to do here in the Big Apple that sometimes you just need to sit around and do nothing at all.
Of course, doing nothing at all for me usually lasts about 15 minutes because I get too bored, but sitting around for a little bit will be GREAT.
Happy weekend, y'allz.

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sarahsouth said...

if i lived in NYC, i would decompress WAY too often by watching crappy TIVO with your sista and raiding her refrigerator.

hope you're doing the same right now. you deserve it!