Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So I am officially moved into my new apartment. There are still some things to unpack, but it just feels soooooooooo good to be in one place and know that I am not going anywhere for a looong time.
The weather has been a bit warmer and I am rawther pleased. I was getting really sick and tired of having to wear big coats all the time and I am now officially on coat strike. I have moved to jackets and I am hoping that I can keep it that way.

A few random things:

- I'm really glad Tom Brady and Gisele got married. I like them. And Tom Brady grew up a few blocks away from me, so yey. They are either going to have extremely attractive kids or really ugly ones. With those two there is no middle ground.

- Why is Katie Holmes Cruise suddenly rocking long hair? Doesn't she know that we all know it is really short under there and that the long locks are all fake? Why do celebs do that? Do they think that because they're famous we will think they have super fast chia pet growing hair?

I don't comprende.

- I have been listening to a lot of Adele recently and you should too. Particularly the song "Melt My Heart to Stone." It is perfect for pseudo rainy days like today.

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Joe said...

poor people HELLA do that too. what's more, YOU KNOW THIS. you were the one person i could count on to go to the hair extension clinic with. how else could i have moved so quickly from my lesbi-man phase to becoming the retro 80s rocker that i am today. my hair is real now, but i needed a little help making the transition. hair extensions provided that help without judgement or pretense.

katie is going through the same thing. she is done with her "i'm too much of a good mother to have to deal with blow drying" phase, and frankly i'm over it too. we should all be celebrating her return to the "LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME" katie we all fell in love with, but she's added a hint of "i got over it and hired a nanny." which means she'll be playing dysfunctional teenagers again before we know it.