Monday, March 2, 2009


Today I awoke to a crisp, white Manhattan. I had an audition first thing in the morning, the streets were almost totally empty, and upon returning home I decided it was time to do what everyone should do on a snowy day.

Work? NO.

Sledding? YES.

We hit the slopes and let me tell you, it was oh so grand. And we ended the day at Shake Shack. Pictures and more details soon to come...

FYI: I am on a mini staycation, seeing as I spent the weekend at my friend's house up in the country and am now crashing at my sister's apartment while she is away skiing because it is bigger and has a bathtub and a TV. I am feeling very rejuvenated and relaxed, which is the exact opposite of what I was for the past 2 weeks. I was kind of in bad shape. I am also moving into a new apartment in the coming week, so I am resting up. More blogging to come in the next few days; sorry for the lapse.

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