Tuesday, March 24, 2009


My personal time out this past weekend was faboolous. I stayed in on Friday night, made Guacamole (I'm really into avocados right now) and watched "The Reader." Woke up Saturday, stayed in my jammies until about 2:00pm, did some correspondence, hit the gym, went and had an afternoon dessert and coffee with my roomie then headed off to Brooklyn for dinner with my sister, Sanchez, The Fresh Prince, and D-Money. Sunday was complete with writing some more of my one woman show and lounging around.
It was so stellar. And I am so well rested. Huzzah!
I have been rather deliquent with getting my St. Patrick's Day Parade photos posted, but it will happen. I promise. And they will be worth the wait.
In the meantime, watch this:

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Anonymous said...

My clinical assessment-perhaps her diet consist of a tad too much pepper and chips. During the weaning process maybe she could switch to spicey rollups.

Love, Mom