Monday, November 9, 2009


This weekend was filled with so many great things.

1. I finished writing my pilot episode (whew).

2. I got to see my friend Parmersan. I've known her since I was 12, and even though I only got to hang out with her for a small while, it was still great. She always cracks me up.

3. I also saw Parmersan's younger sister, who apparently is not in 3rd grade anymore. Unbeknownst to me, as Parmersan and myself were getting older, so was Parm v.2.0. She is basically a WOMAN now with a REAL JOB and I can't really handle it. She is still supposed to be in the lower school! She is not supposed to be hip and living in New York! It's bad for my psyche.

4. I went back to my favorite arepa place (Caracas Arepa) with Wrenndolyn and some other good buddies. They have the best secret sauce. Nobody knows what is in it - they don't even tell the wait staff - and every time I go I swear I am going to steal one and put in my purse to take home, but I never do. They have a place in Brooklyn and another 4 blocks from my apartment. DELICIOUS.

5. My banjo player got married yesterday! It was gorgeous out, the ceremony was absolutely beautiful, I cried multiple times, and I am so happy for the two of them. They are a great pair and I was honored to be able to attend (and sing!) on their big day.

6. After the wedding, I ran down to the Neil Simon theatre where, thanks to Miz Millah, I was able to see the new revival of Ragtime on the big Broadway. It was a visually stunning production with some powerhouse performances. Every song in that show is like an anthem...very rousing, lots of songs about America and dreams. I wept a few times and the orchestra was off the hook. No one can deny the uplifting, jaw-dropping feeling of heavenly awe that comes when you are gifted the sounds of 28 top-notch musicians playing together. It is heaven. It is other-worldly. And I lurved every second of it. Can you imagine getting to sing to that 8 shows a week?!!?!???? Stellar.

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