Saturday, December 26, 2009


Had a great Christmas Day with the family, complete with my annual Christmas Day Run up at Sawyer Camp Trail and a delicious dinner in San Francisco at my Aunt's house with all the wee cousins. There is something so great about having kids around at Christmastime, and it is even better when you are old enough to drink champagne when said children start getting a little wired and out of control. And, when you can leave and go home to your house where it is quiet and you can watch Liza Minnelli on the television.

I love champagne. And I love me some Liza.

After a morning filled with coffee and a yummy breakfast with the Mom and the Sister, I will run, go to the movies, and head up to SF to my friend's annual Boxing Day Crawdad Races. Yes, you read that correctly.

Crawdad Races.

As you can see, it is a high class affair.
Dresses, ties, slacks, sweater vests, and racing Daddios.
I can be seen talking to my friend, Santa Graham. I believe this shot is from 2006?

It truly is spectacular and one year my 'dad (Prince Valiant) was the winner!! I will report back with the results from the '09 races. I'm sure there will be some intense face-offs, like in years past.

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