Saturday, December 19, 2009


I have been doing a REALLY good job at sleeping since I've been home. I mean, I would give myself an A+ and put myself on the Honor Roll right at the top. And then I would be president of the Honor Roll Nap Club.

Or whatever.

Anyways, I did go for a run yesterday and it was GORGEOUS outside and then had dinner with one of my buds I went middle school through high school with. He is now back teaching at our high school and we both find it extremely tripppppy.

I realized I never really gave an official review of Up In The Air:

I really, really liked it. It is extremely subtle, simple, and not what I thought it was going to be. But, I love it when movies are like that - when you have an idea of the general vibe from the trailer but then it steers you in another (good) direction that you didn't quite expect.

This movie is cast unbelievably well, so kudos to you miss-casting-director-whose-name-I-can't-find-on-the-google-machine-right-now. You did great!

Jason Bateman:

I have always loved you and will always love you. In my mind, you literally can do no wrong. You are one of my top loves and I still cry out with pain every time I realize that Arrested Development is no longer on the air because that means I can never be on it and portray your love interest.

*Insert sound of pain here*

I digress.

J'Batey is a deliciously funny fellow in this movie, he cracks my sh*t up, he is slightly schloozy (new word meaning a combo of both sleazy and schmoozey even though I just made up schmoozey, too) and he makes what could have been a throw-away role a definite keeper.

(yes, you get all caps here)

You rule.

You are two years younger than me, yet you have already been nominated for a Tony (when you were 12 for High Society), then you were in the hilarious movie Camp which only like 5 people saw and I was one of them and I loved it, and now you turn up and do this. I could really hate you for it, but that is impossible because you are so freaking good.

Anna shoves it right back in George's face, which is not an easy task to do, but she isn't all shovey about it; it doesn't appear to take the effort of said shove. The girl is ON. There are moments where she could have been extremely annoying and instead she is riotous in an honest, subdued, extremely earnest and endearing way. I lurved her. We are really going to be friends someday.

I can feel it.

So: go see it. It is mellow, but thoughtful, moving, and funny.


P.S. Oh, and Georgie? You were great, too. Very honest, sweet, sad, and yes - even though you're getting up there you are still a fox. And, you wear pants really, really well.

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