Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I have started volunteering as a teaching artist with The 52nd Street Project and last week, thanks to the extreme generosity of my dear friend Miz Millah and all of the folks over at the Broadway musical Memphis, we got free tickets and were able to take the entire teen ensemble to see the show.

Please check out Miz Millah's post on the official Broadway website for Memphis! Her blog is killer and such a cool way to check out all of the inner workings of a Broadway show.

"At the Broadway Bowling League last Thursday night, my friendster Miz Molly said, “oh look, it’s Mr. Brown Water.” Naturally she was referring to bowling captain and Memphiscast member Kevin Covert, who is a staunch supporter of the brown water.

Molly was at bowling with me as Memphis had just hosted 15 kids from the 52nd Street Project of which Molly is a teaching artist.

From their website

“The 52nd Street Project is dedicated to the creation and production of new plays for, and often by, kids between the ages of nine and eighteen that reside in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood in New York City. The Project does this through a series of unique mentoring programs that match kids with professional theater artists.”

“The Project is about making children proud of themselves. The Project is not about teaching children to act, although they will learn to. It is not about teaching them to write plays, although they will learn that as well. What it is about is giving a kid an experience of success. It is about giving a kid an opportunity to prove that he or she has something of value to offer, something that comes from within that he or she alone possesses, something that cannot be taken away. ”

The kids got to meet Bryan, Dionne, James, Derrick and Daniel after the show; it was so much fun to have them at the show and hear their enthusiastic responses. We look forward to having more kids from all over the city as our Inspire Change program starts this week!

So then it was off to Bowling!"

Read the rest of the post and hear about our hilarious time out bowling with the cast here.

And, GO SEE MEMPHIS! It will knock your socks off!

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