Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Today I was the Smartiest of all Smarty Pants and decided to go to Trader Joe's right on my way home from work at 3:00pm. This meant that there were only a hundred people in there instead of 50,000!

Glory be!

I did not get angry once, I did not have the urge to take my basket and spin around like a whirligig knocking everyone down around me, and I didn't want to poke the perky cashiers with their crazy a** lingo and their flowery shirts in the eyes. It was, to my great relief, a palatable experience. I didn't say fun or amazeballs, but palatable and that, my friends, is a huge improvement.

In my head I just said "improvement" like I was French, so it came out like
"Eeeemm-prooov-eeehhh-mahhhhnnn." That seems about right.

This is what came up when I googled, "French lady smoking."

I am now home listening to music, roasting a myriad of vegetables, making rice, and doing some lesson planning while it snows outside. Not too shabby.

This week is Double Free Broadway Week thanks to Miz Millah. Tonight she is taking me to see the new Martin McDonagh play, A Behanding In Spokane, which I have been calling A Beheading in Spokane since it opened. Christopher Walken and Sam Rockwell are in it and I am psyched! Thursday we're taking the kids I'm teaching to see Memphis with a backstage tour to follow, so things are quite swell at the moment.

Here is a snowy song for you:

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