Thursday, September 16, 2010


Well folks, it is official...

I am moving to Brooklyn!

As you can see from the photo below featuring Lindzanity (a resident of my new neighborhood), my part of Brooklyn is strictly White Glove Service.

All class, all the time.

I couldn't be more excited to live in such a beautiful place, with space and sunlight and four good friends within walking distance of my new dwelling.

Yesterday was totally A Chorus Line day.

I spent the entire morning thinking, "God, I hope I get it...I hope I get it..." while waiting to find out if the application on my apartment was accepted.

Then, like Sheila, I got it!

Double fist pump, leap, sashay, sashay, kick ball change.

I danced around, felt all kinds of happiness, signed my lease, and then trotted off to the ballet.

Literally. I went to the ballet.

The New York City Ballet just opened their season and the second half of the show I saw last night was performed entirely to Gershwin songs. I sat in the audience watching these people busting out with joy while the orchestra played some of the most gorgeous tunes ever written. I was in heaven and I cried twice, particularly during the pas de deux to "The Man I Love." It was simply beyond and I will never ever forget it.

I left the theatre, bought myself a Reese's, and walked back to my apartment feeling so freaking good. If I knew how to pirouette properly I would have done a few on the street.

Thank you, New York, for such a splendid day.

And thank you, Brooklyn, for being my new home!

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