Thursday, September 2, 2010


Yesterday at work I was feeling a little funked out because I was stuck in an office instead of in a theatre in beautiful California doing plays with people I love. This, my friends, is what we theatre folks call "Post Show Blues." After a show closes, you suddenly find yourself feeling a little lost with too much time on your hands. It's weird. Even if you're busy and feeling great, you can simultaneously feel slightly unhinged and sometimes lonely. A cast becomes like a family, you see them 6 days a week, and then piff! Gone!

I was gchatting with my darling Swendolyn and moments after expressing my slight sadness, my email inbox began overflowing with messages titled, "Feel Good."

He sent me the following to cheer me up:

This one made me feel A LOT better:

Swendolyn said the title he came up with for this one is "Life Isn't Fair."

This was the last one because after receiving it I said:

"Okay, this just scares the sh*t out of me."

Thank you to Swendolyn for being a stellar homie.

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