Wednesday, August 13, 2008



This is my 50th blog post! Sally O'Malley is 50, too. We have SO much in common!! We both like to kick, and stretch, and kick. Thanks for reading my blog!! I have no idea how many of you really read it, but even if it is only one person, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thanks for the help, Stevie.

Now that the celebrations are out of the way, I have to mention that I just ate lunch with one of my best girlfriends from high school who also happens to reside in the York of the New and I just got so excited to see her and even more excited that I am going to get to see her ALL THE TIME now that we'll both be living in the same city. And, because she is so intelligent and funny and kind and wonderful I was reminded, yet again, why it is the best to have wonderful girl friends in your life.

I mean, I love them boys and all...I really, really do, but there is nothing like having a quality lady friend. And I definitely do have more than one, and I am so super lucky.

Oh I love you, Larkita. I can't wait to get into all sorts of trouble with you on that island.

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TheFegurgs said...

You're the bestest. Guam or Manhattan, we'll do it ISLAND STYLE.

Happy 50th. I'm just a baby compared to you. Wait-- I AM your baby... MOM. :)