Friday, August 1, 2008


Over the past few years, I have started wearing sunscreen every single day. My Irish complexion starts to fry after about 10 minutes in the sun and I'm not too into the idea of getting skin cancer later on in my life. I realized you can't just buy any old has to have the right stuff in it. It needs to cover both UVA and UVB rays; it needs to be broad spectrum. So, after trying lots of them, here are my faves:

SkinCeuticals Sport UV Defense

I am totally obsessed with this sunscreen. I just love it. I put it on my face every day and it feels like lotion. It isn't greasy at all and is top of the line and apparently JLo uses it! We ALL want to be more like JLo! It is waterproof and designed for sports/active use, so it never runs or sweats off. The bottle lasts forever and is definitely worth the splurge.

Neutrogena makes some really great sunscreens that aren't greasy and aren't too expensive. They are broad spectrum and extremely light weight.

Ultra-Sheer Dry-Tough Sunblock

This one is my favorite for putting on my bod because it, like the SkinCeuticals, feels like lotion and doesn't leave your skin sticky. Plus, it has a great light scent to it. I usually HATE things that have smells to them, but they really did a great job with this.

Fresh Cooling Body Mist

I love this one for when I need to put it on quickly on hard to reach spots, like my back. The can works pretty well even when it is upside down. Maaaagic. It applies really evenly. You have to spray this stuff on in a big open space because it is in a spray can and the smell can get a little intense if you don't have some good air flow going on. Not too sure how good for the environment this bottle is either...

Happy safe sunning!


Coogs said...

While the neutrogenia offers excellent sun protection (my derm even recommended it) buyers beware. Many people who use this (myself included) end up getting these horrible yellow stains on any fabric their sunscreened skin comes into contact with. Something to do with amino acids in the skin reacting with the sunscreen. Doesn't happen to everyone but first time users should be cautious. Don't wear white...

MAC said...

ooh good to know. i don't have this problem, but everyone should be careful!