Monday, July 28, 2008


This weekend was epic. I joined my homie, L, in Amador County. He's been building a barn up there and staying in a trailer park (well, it was a trailer VILLAGE) near the property. This weekend was the biggest event of the year in Amador... It was blazing hot and we had such a great time being out in the country and being Amerrrican.

First, we prepared for the pool. Yes, the trailer park had a pool.
Then, we hit the pool. And it sure felt goooooood.
After the arrival of our third amigo, B, we had more pool time and then we were ready for:

The Fair.

Some sort of insane slippery beef/dip sandwich thing the boys loved.

There was an Amador Idol competition...STELLAR.

And the Amador County Republican Booth was right next to the Bob Marley Rasta Booth. That made my day.

After our daytime fair romp, we had some more pool time and then I took a much needed shower where the party (obviously) continued.

I don't know about you, but I always shower with beach balls and beverages.

Feeling fresh and clean, clean, it was time to start the BBQ,

listen to tunes, and prepare for the big event of the night:


It was some of the best entertainment I have ever had in my entire life. The place was packed, and the competitors were fierce. They had barrel races, bull riders, roping competitions - anything involving a horse, a bull, or a sheep and they had it in the rodeo. I lost my voice because I was screaming so loudly the entire time. And, did I mention that the cowboys there were total studs?

All of their butts were covered in Wranglers like this:

Wrangler butts make me go nuts.

I was falling in love, like, every 2 minutes. But I was particularly fond of the fellow sitting in front of us who bought us beer to welcome us to the rodeo.


I digress. So the best part of the rodeo by FAR was the Mutton Buster competition. They basically put kids with helmets on a sheep, slap the sheep on the arse, and let the kids hold on for dear life. This little tyke completely dominated the competition and the crowd went wild. Luckily, I got it all on video. I am trying to figure out how to download it...stay tuned.

Some more highlights of the night:

L won me a teddy bear made entirely out of money.

We tried to give it to the sheep so they could snuggle, but apparently she wasn't into bears.

It was just like Charlotte's Web, except for big kids like me, and no one died. I even rode the Ferris wheel, just like Fern did.

They sold Kanye glasses. I am hip hop.

There was a Lynyrd Skynyrd cover band and they ROCKED.

We proceeded to dance the night away...

and so we went to bed on Sunday morning.

See you next year, cowboys.

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sarahsouth said...

and i thought i was cool because i went to a nascar race last weekend.