Thursday, July 24, 2008


I had the distinct pleasure of seeing the lovely Leslie Feist in concert at the gorgeous Greek Theatre in Berkeley on Saturday night. And she was the definition of lovely:

1obsolete : delightful for beauty, harmony, or grace : attractive.

The entire performance was a live art piece. Feist was adorable, and the show started in the dark with her creeping on with a little lantern. She sang a song a cappella behind a back lit scrim, then her band walked out in the dark, also carrying lanterns, and started playing in the dim light.

Besides getting to watch Feist, she had an artist working on an overhead projector behind her the entire time. The amazingly talented Clea Minaker used paper cut outs, paint, her hands, and various other props to create images that flowed with the music's tempo and everything. It was mesmerizing. Seriously.

Clea is an actor and puppeteer based out of Montreal and she blew my mind, but she doesn't have her own webpage!! Sad Boo to that.

Anyways, I highly recommend seeing Feist in concert if you can. She rocks way harder than I thought she would and some of the arrangements of her songs are totally different in concert...and I loved them.

Oh! And Feist was on Sesame Street and spoofed her 1234 music video. How cute is this?

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sarahsouth said...

and please note that feist has winnie cooper hair.
'nuff said.