Saturday, July 19, 2008


As I was driving to a trail to go running this morning, some blatch drove through a stop sign when it was my turn. I honked and almost threw up my finger, but then I remembered my mission.

I put my hand down.

And when she parked a block away, I drove past her and I TOTALLY BOOED HER.

I gave her the angry boo and it felt GREAT!

I'm off to see one of my favorite female singing ladies tonight in to follow!


-DW- said...


I have not had a reason to give the Big Boo myself quite yet. God knows that if gas didn't cost so much, I would just drive and drive and drive until someone did something to really tick me off, just so I could get my 'boo on.

sarahsouth said...

so i take it that you gave her the angry boo?