Thursday, October 30, 2008


Did Monday night really happen?

Was it all a dream?


And, NO! It was real. It was real magic. It was real talent. It was real love.

I can't even begin to tell you how fiercely these guys rocked the house. Or, more accurately, Madison Square Garden.


Wow. Okay. I really don't know where to start.

So, after eating a fabulous dinner at Josie's (more on that in another post) we got there about 10 minutes prior to showtime, which was perfect. Natasha Bedingfield and Lady GaGa were the openers, which we obviously skipped. They're gross.

(Sorry Josebee, I know you really like Natasha's theme from The Hills. I only like it when I get to sing it with you).

Larkita had purchased pairs of colored heart shaped sunglasses for all of us. By God's own hand (and because she has stellar fashion sense), she chose the perfect colors and the blue matched my vintage NKOTB shirt EXACTLY.


So, we all looked better than anyone else there.

Side note: My sister and I met a fellow Block lover in line for the bathroom who happened to have just moved to the big apple from Oakland. Represent!

The lights went down. The screaming started. And then, they appeared.

And I went bananas.
I screamed so loudly and I really did jump up and down. We all did. We couldn't help it. It felt so good; it felt so right.

Highlights from the evening include:

When they were on a revolving stage in the middle of the audience and someone threw a bra at them. Obviously, Donnie picked it up and claimed it was, "Small, but fragrant."

My boyfriend still looked so good, it was unfair. I mean, I think he looks even better now and the boy can S-I-N-G.

Huzzah. Photo credit: Larkita.

Okay. Let me try and explain this. So, Joey, Donnie, and Jordan each had some solo time where they did songs alone. Obviously Joey's was the best all around, but Jordan's was literally unbelievable. Like, we were looking at eachother wondering if it was really happening or if we were hallucinating. Then we started laughing so hard we cried. Real tears. Stomach ache laughter.

Millah had a melt down.

Why? Because Jordan sang his song "I Believe In You" with a full on fan blowing directly at him and he was in tight black pants and an OPEN WHITE SHIRT.

He was thrusting all over the place and flipping around and exposing his chest and his shirt was all billowin' in the faux wind. It was, well, I don't know WHAT it was. But, I laughed harder than I've laughed in awhile. And I laugh hard, like, daily.

Danny also did this whack solo break dancing set, where he bounced on his arms a lot. He did do a windmill at one point, but the whole thing was a little awkward in a really great way. As Larkita commented, "he skidded backward across the stage like a crab in heat." Couldn't explain it any better myself.

Donnie pulled his pants down to expose his bright white boxers and asked us all how is butt looked. It looked good. Classy.

Ultimately, Joey's solo time was the best. No questions asked. Why? Because he still looks totally fine, he sang "Believe," which inspires everyone who hears it, and he brought on an ENTIRE GOSPEL CHOIR TO SING THE CHORUS WITH HIM.


It was totally off the hook and he belted like a champ.

At the end of the night, before they sang "Summertime," they came out in all white and looked divine.

"It's just like heaven!"

They left in a cloud of smoke (there were also fireworks throughout the show).

But they came back!!! And did the fiercest encore I've ever experienced.

They closed with Step By Step and Hangin' Tough. It was sick. The videos I posted earlier were from the encore.

I danced SO hard.

Needless to say, when it ended, I was so sad but so happy. I felt like I had just lived in a magical land for 2.5 hours. And, seriously, they really performed for 2.5hrs straight with multiple costume changes and, as a performer myself, that gets exhausting. But they were on the ball the entire time.

Did I experience history? Yes.

Did I have one of the best bdays of my life? Yes.

Would I make out with all of them? Yes.

Would I go back and see the concert 10 more times?

If you need to know the answer to that, you aren't my friend anymore.


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