Thursday, October 30, 2008



So last weekend I hit up the Pumpkin Sail in Central Park with my sister. First we bought pumpkins at the local bodega.

Sarita really got in there and found 2 good ones.

Then we went back and carved them at her apartment.

Sarita did this one.

And I did this one:
I called him "Old Man Ween," as in Ween of the Hallow.

What a pair.

Then it was off to Central Park to hit up the sail. You take your carved pumpkins (no more than 10lbs.) over, they put them on a foam board with a candle inside and take them away. The park volunteers drive them around to the other side of the lake and then, once it is dark, they set them all out onto the water.

Before all that business, they have activities in the park for the little tots, including a costume parade. Sister and I were in LOVE with this little munchkin

She was totally hilarious, was running around causing all kinds of trouble. Obviously I adored her.

So the Karamator arrived with his spankin' new bike and we sat on the waters edge waiting for the pumpkins to sail. And we waited some more. And waited some more.

Then we realized that the park volunteer had told us to sit on the wrong side of the lake, so we walked around and saw the pumpkins out on the water.

Unfortunately my camera takes horrible night photos, but it did look really beautiful and I even spotted Old Man Ween out there. But FYI the pumpkins don't really go anywhere...they just kind of go to the middle of the lake and stay there.

But it was great! Very fall, a very fun Halloween activity for kids and grown ups alike.

Hope y'all have a safe and happy Halloween. I love this holiday.


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