Saturday, November 15, 2008


Just remembered part of my dream from last night. Check it:

I was at this big, old house somewhere and I had to go inside to get something for my trip (I have no idea where I was going) and Raven Symone was in there and she was waaaaaay depressed.

I mean, I would be too if I ever went out looking like that when it wasn't Halloween.

Well, I would be depressed if I ever looked like that.

That was rude. I'm sorry. I digress.

So, Raven was all weepy because her career had gone down the tubes because she wasn't as cute as when she played Olivia on the Cosby show and how Maya Angelou was her grandma and had stolen the part she really wanted in the "Secret Life of Bees" movie and they had just wrapped filming and she didn't get to be in it at all.

She was really upset.

And the kicker?

She was SINGING all of this.

Yes, Raven was vocalizing all of her feelings while walking around a big ole house in my dream last night.

I have NO idea what all of this means. Do I need to start going to a jazz club and singing the blues? Is that what this is all about???

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