Thursday, November 20, 2008


Last night at the theatre I started to feel like I was getting a little bit of a cold, so I went into my "Mega Prevention Mode." I should seriously have it on my resume how good I am at avoiding illness; I can kick something so quickly my body doesn't even know what happened. I think I developed the skill from being in shows all the time where you can't afford to get sick at all. I am not big on using actual meds, I tend to take more of a holistic approach, and it works pretty darn well, so I thought I would share with you all some of my favorite, incredible remedies for beating that cold. You can buy all of this stuff at almost any health food store, Whole Foods, even at basic drug stores.


This thing has changed my life. I have suffered from serious sinusitis and allergies my whole life and used to get chronic sinus infections. Since I started using this daily, it has been years since I got a sinus infection (I honestly can't even remember the last time I had one) and I no longer get sinus headaches. You put a saline solution (1/4 tsp of salt mixed with 8oz of room temp water) and pour it into the pot. Then you tip your head and pour half of the liquid into one nostril and it comes out the other side, along with all the shiznit in your nose. You then flip your head to the other side and do the reverse. It seems a little whacky at first but it is worth it. Trust. If you have allergies or feel like you're sinuses are getting blocked, pick up one of these and start irrigating your nasal passages! I do up to 4 times a day when I am feeling really stuffed up. That woman above even did it on Oprah!


This is the essence of Black Elderberry and is a great immune system support. It tastes yummy, too! I start taking a few table spoons of this a day if I start feeling a little wonky, or if I am entering a time of high stress. I swear by this stuff.


This caffeine free tea is a singer's dream. If you have a tickle in your throat, this stuff definitely does the trick. It really does actually coat your throat (duh) and is extremely soothing.


Eating fruits, as opposed to just taking Vitamin C, is a great way to keep yourself munching healthy things as well as getting the vitamins straight from the source. Tomatoes! Kiwis! Broccoli! Spinach! All good sources and so good for you, too.

This stuff is actually a little treat for me, but full of anti-oxidants. I mix it with a little sparkling water and it is a yummy drink that I like instead of soda. You can also throw in a splash of orange juice (and some champagne once you aren't feeling sick anymore). Delicious.


I love baths. LOVE them. But they are also great for steaming the living daylights out of yourself and relaxing. Put a few drops of Eucalyptus oil in there to open up your lungs, relax, pamper yourself a little bit, and let the healing begin.


Just drink it all the time. Even when you're not feeling sick.

I like puppies.

Oh, wait.

LoHo is just passed out from doing a little too much blizow. Oops. Let's use a different photo, because she really has come so far from those days. I mean, now she is LoLez and is "sober."

Get lots of real sleep (like at least 8 hours a night). Lots of it. LOTS. And this is one of my favorite books about napping and sleeping and shut eye goodness.

Stay warm and healthy this winter. And don't forget to get your flu shot!!


Coogs said...

Important to note with the neti pot that you should use NON-idodized salt.

Janet said...

Oh thankful this week of thanks, and ever after, that I have found your blog! I can see I will pick up lots of good tips here in between our teatimes at Lovejoy's. Can you believe I have never seen the movie "LOVE ACTUALLY"? It is now at the top of my Netflix list thanks to your recommendation. What else do you love? And I never asked how you liked "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn". How about the Christmas tree scene?