Sunday, November 30, 2008


I am attempting to recover from my stellar Thanksgiving outside the city. I spent 4 days laughing my arse off, eating my face off, laughing my arse off, and eating my face off. It was a wonderful, vicious cycle that I am now suffering slightly from and will probably be working off at the gym for the next 2 weeks, or 12 years. My lack of sleep combined with my massive quantities of mashed potatoes and wine made me a bit wackadilly yesterday on the train ride back into the city and I managed to sleep for 12 hours last night.

We have an annual football game over Turkey Day and I was obviously on the winning team.

The others did not posses the skills necessary to dominate on the field.

Although I did manage to slip in the mud and fall on my a**, so I am rocking a stellar bruise on my right side. Totally worth it.

The weather today was the grossiest of grossies, so I spent the majority of my time drinking coffee with my pal Al and avoiding the rain. I can't believe it will be December tomorrow and I will be heading home to CA for the holidays in 16 days.

Where has the time gone??!?!?

Oh! And just a reminder that tonight they will be airing the documentary on Britney Spears. I can't wait. I am going to hop in the bath and then park it on the couch. Britney dramz are perfect for rainy day evenings.

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sarahsouth said...

your sister looks amazing.