Tuesday, December 2, 2008


When the weather first dropped to uber frigid, I literally froze my arse off one day. It was so cold and I was walking around for hours and didn't have a layer on under my jeans. My friend Eliz told me about these heat-tech tights from Uni Qlo. I have purchased them, and they have made me oh so very happy.

They are light, not itchy, and they actually fit well. And they keep me uber warm and fit under my jeans. They also come in tons of cute colors and patterns including herringbone; check it out online. The solids are under $5 and the colors/patterns are $7.90. Not bad!

For those of you unfamiliar with Uni Qlo, it is a Japanese store that is similar to H&M in terms of price point, but has more classic stuff and is a higher quality (for the most part).

I dig.

SIZING: I stole the photo of the tights from somewhere online. I got the S/M and they fit perfectly; I checked with a store clerk and if you are taller get the L/XL because they have more length. I am 5'5" and there is even a little extra space for me in there. I think they might run a smidget big.

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