Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Every Tuesday I participate in staged readings at this great theatre company here in NY called Naked Angels. They do really wonderful work and you should totally check them out. Anyways, tonight I was at the readings and I look to my right and who do I see but DAN LAURIA WHO PLAYED KEVIN ARNOLD'S DAD ON THE WONDER YEARS.

I KID YOU NOT. I died. I immediately died. I have seen famous people before and I don't care, but this rocked me to my core. I kind of got teary eyed and wanted to just go and hug him. He was in one of the readings and he was actually fantastic, which made the whole thing even better. He was really, really good. Spot on, actually. He was endearing, vulnerable, and funny.

And, if you know me or read my blog at all, you know how much The Wonder Years has meant to me.

I am over the MOOOOON people. Do you even know what this means to me?? I was in the same room as Kevin Arnold's dad?

I could die right now.


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