Thursday, December 25, 2008


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of my faithful blog readers.

You make my days merry and bright. I love you all dearly.

Major Thankful Credits:
Director of Photography: Coogs #1
Lighting: Mrs. Coogs
Set Design: The Holy Family


TheFegurgs said...

Although I could not be there to provide my hip shakin' hula services, this show is full of talent. Jesus, Mary and Joseph are great back-up. You guys should go on tour like NKOTB. MAC the Knife and the Natividad Trio? New Kid in the Manger? Coog n' Oogs and the Holy Hosts? The Mali Kaliki Shockas? Yes... that's it. MALI KALIKI SHOCKAS. Booyah Grandma.

I love you dearly as well. Merry Christmas.

amarc said...

love the getup. very JT Leroy.

sarahsouth said...

the squiggidy family gives you 2 thumbs up!

Benji said...

I saw this and nearly died of a cute attack.