Sunday, January 24, 2010


My cousin just lost his first tooth.

I think this is too cute for school. I remember how pumped I was when I lost my first tooth because it took mine FOREVER to come out.

If you didn't know that clip was from The Sandlot then I can't be friends with you.


I'm more sorry for you that you don't know anything and everything about The Sandlot.

Moving on. For some reason, I didn't lose my first tooth until the second grade or something and it kind of made me feel a little losery. In my kindergarten class, my teacher (who was probably one of the best teachers I ever had - Mrs. Jones - she had a bathtub in the classroom that was The Reading Tub and you had to read books if you sat in it. She also played the piano and sang to us every day and she also used to let me get up in front of the class and just tell stories to everyone) had a chart up on the wall and when you lost a tooth you got to put a star on it next to your name. Well, although I was a natural "star" there was nothing shining next to my name. Talk about extreme sadness.

My Mom bought me books about folks who are just on a little bit of a different track to make me feel better. One of my all time favorites was Leo The Late Bloomer.

It's a classic.

There was also one about a little bat or something who didn't lose his first tooth for a really long time? I can't remember the name of it and it is driving me, well, batty. Ha! Oh me! Any hints would be much appreciated.

I had to go to the dentist's to have an x-ray done to make sure that I actually had big girl teeth. To everyone's relief, they were there, they were just taking their sweet time. Eventually, I did start losing my teeth and then of course my front tooth came out and then took forever to grow back in. This is also when I had a perm and decided it would be a good idea to comb it, so I basically looked like a completely cracked out witch child that got cut from the final rounds of callbacks from Hocus Pocus.

Since it took my teeth so long to fall out in the first place, does that mean they won't fall out until I'm dead so I won't ever have to wear dentures?

I hope so.

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Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure it was Loose Tooth by Steven Kroll and Tricia Tusa(check it out and let me know).

As for your former toothless perm look, may have been my worst parental decision EVER(*footnote- this is not an invitation for you and your sister to remind and challenge me with others) but if you can feel a fraction of how fabulous you thought you looked walking out of Trends, you'll be on top of the word.