Monday, January 4, 2010


My little munchkins!

I do apologize for being so absent, but it is a new year and I am all sorts of jazzed about it.

Some pictures from:

the end of 2009...

and the beginning of 2010!

I kicked off 2010 with my favorite companion:


That would be my favorite companion IN MY DREAMS.

I meant this one:

A doggerdoodle!

And, not just any dog, but Samson. Samson is my bud. He is the pooch of my First New York Rommate, First Rate Friend, and Fellow Californian Miz Millah. Samson, Millah, and myself used to kick it back in the day when I was a newbie in this here town.

He even dressed up for my birthday in 2009 for the 1983 theme.

I'm not going to lie to you, usually I prefer big dogs, but Samson packs one helluva personality punch in his little self and I adore him. We had so much fun lounging around, getting take out, going for walks, throwing a ball up and down my stairs and taking naps. I was turbo sad to have to hand him back over to his Mumsy, but I am hoping to kidnap him again in the near future.

2010 is off to a slammin' start. I have oh so much more to write, but for now I must sign off and get some sleep after a very active day that included a moment of confusion when I thought I had snot frozen on my face.

Luckily, I didn't. Yey me!

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