Tuesday, June 10, 2008


My boys are back, and Jordan has taken a major step up on the hot ladder since we last saw him. Jonathan is still kind of dweeby, Donnie still wishes he were Mark, and that Danny Wood is a bit fierce.

But, my Joey was and always will be THE heart melter.

He hugged me not once, but twice backstage at Wicked. I have photos. Anyways, they are going on tour and I am seriously hoping to get tickets seeing as they will be playing in NYC on my birthday. The last time I saw them in concert I wore a black mini skirt with gold metallic polka dots, a white t-shirt tied to the side, keds, and my hair was half-up half-down with a scrunchie. I think I was 7. And on the way to the concert my sister slammed her finger in the car door and we had to stop off at my great aunt's house because she almost barfed. But we STILL made it. If I go again this year I will be re-creating my fashion statement and I will be taking my sister, but hopefully she won't come close to barfing.

Here is the music video for their new single, "Summertime." It is stellar. Can anyone say Grammy??

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