Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Recently I stumbled upon this delicious place in Potrero at Connecticut at 20th Street. It combines 3 of my most favorite things in the world:

1. Chocolate
2. Organic Food
3. Wine

The food is wonderful, the people are extremely nice, and they have a monthly wine and chocolate tasting club. Not only are the eats good, but they give discounts to teachers, students, seniors, firefighters, EMTs, policepeeps, and they support the local schools. The day I was there the school on the corner was having a parade and the folks at Jay's gave out free apples to all of the kids. It was adorable.

Oh, and they are co-founders of a non-profit called LYNC (linking youth nurturing community) which sends at risk kids on wilderness trips and lots of other cool things. http://www.lyncsf.org/

They buy all of their meats from a local farm, and for vegetarians (which I apparently am now) they have loads of great options.

What don't these people do?


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