Sunday, June 8, 2008


The Pirate Party was a major success, as you can see.

There was violence.

There was gambling.

And there were loose women.

There was even a lagoon with crocodiles.

After a hot hot hot 2 hour drive home, I spent the rest of the day on the couch watching re-runs of "Work Out" on Bravo and felt like I was getting serious exercise from watching all the freaks on that show. I mean, I did do a lot of cardio dancing and horseshoe throwing last night. So I'm cool on the x-her-size front for now.

On the uppity ups, I found out I am going to get to live with my BF in Tribeca through December, which is too hot to handle. I mean, this sh*t is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

For all you visual learners out there:

I'm really psyched. I wonder if we're going to get matching jammies.

That's all for today. I will have a serious topic to discuss next time you read me. And by serious, I mean amazing.

Forever your girl,
Miz Abdul

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