Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This post is a shout out to my fellow blogger, Yo Mama, who has voiced concern that I am not blogging frequently enough as I provide her with insight into the lives of the young, urban twenty somethings.

So, I have decided that if any of you would like to ask me any question in the whole wide world I will answer it.  Shoot away via email or on my comments wall and I will respond via blog post.

I could be opening up a terrible door here, but whatever.  You only live once.

XO to Yo Mama and the rest of you.  I'm anxiously awaiting your inquiries.


Anonymous said...

Question- Have you ever considered choreographing and performing a dance to the theme from Pippi Longstocking?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, New Kid. i'm working up a question for you.
thanks for the recommendation on the book about Maine. Will read it.
I was in the city last night and had din with Chuck. Quick trip, maybe next time we can get together.
yo mama

sarahsouth said...

if another actress played you in a film, which actress would it be?

what are the best bargains in NYC?

what is your favorite fruit, and why?

if you could live in a different decade, which one would it be?

that is all.