Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Somethinsup with my interweb connection and it isn't letting me upload photos, so the post I just wrote is going to have to wait for the World Wide Web and Blogger.com to get it togetha.

FYI: I have been listening to Paul Simon like, a lot, recently.
FYI 2: I am not that worried about the Swine Flu. Should I be? I mean, it is just a flu, right? Does it make you barf or just give you a fever? I'm not that informed. I'm just going to keep washing my hands.
FYI 3: I am shedding a lot and I don't know what that's about.

Regarding my request for questions, I have received a spectacular list from SarahSouth and am starting to work on my responses. I promise you thorough answers and am seriously shocked that I have not gotten more questions. I basically said I would answer anything.

Come ON people. This offer will not last long.

YoMama: Still waiting for your q's...


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sarahsouth said...

i love you so much! HAHAHahahahaaaa