Thursday, April 30, 2009


Courtesy of Sanchez and Skimpson:


Anonymous said...

Now i have not one, but many, questions (what else is new?):
1. Is that you or The Sister, or someone else singing that fantastic Tom Cruise song?
2. I'll bet my Britney === where do you come up with these perfectly used and defined phrases? === its the Sister. She always had a strong opinion of Tom's proclivities.
3. I totally agree with you about SJP but more importantly, Bea Arthur WAS a damn good friend.
4. Do you think you will have to tone down your vocab when dear Sister becomes the key to elite education in NY?

Much love to you both,
Yo Mama

MAC said...

1. No, it is some girl and I don't know who she is. The Sister doesn't play the uke like that chick. And your son and nephew are the ones who get credit for finding the video

2. Are you on a campaign for The Sister, here? Don't I get any credit?! I will have you know that 99.99% of my phrases come from my own noggin, and The Sister and I stole "Britney" from L.C. on The Hills.

3. I am glad I'm not the only one who is freaked out, and I know we are amongst millions who will miss Bea.

4. The more important question is: Will I have to stop blogging once I become famous!?

Coogs said...

I have a question: what are the restrictions placed on the drivers license of a person with hearing impairments?

Anonymous said...


Allow me to take this one, if I might. While the license doesn't indicate a restriction, they are required to have
special speakers installed in their vehicles(for amplification purposes when emergency response vehicles are approaching).

I hope this was helpful.

Anonymous said...

For such good Catholic Irish girls, you sure are such yentas!
With much love,
Yo Mama

Anonymous said...

Hiya new kid-
BTW (pretty hip for a mama, no?), on my blog tomorrow, 5/1/09, I will be giving you a shout out. Look for it on

yo mama

MAC said...

Bon Bon-
Could you be any cooler? Thanks for all of your support. You are one hip Mama.

Adoringly yours,
Tha New Kid

MAC said...

Thank you for correctly informing Coogs of the proper DMV regulations for hearing impaired drivers. I'm glad someone out there gets it.


sarahsouth said...

i, too, will promote you tomorrow on my blog. better post an offdahook entry in the next 12 hours so that you make a kickass impression upon your southern constituency.

i predict you'll be a professional blogga by tha end of tha weekend.


Anonymous said...

so glad you gave me the poop on deaf drivers. your blog is such a fount of knowledge. My years are going faster than i can keep track of and i'm headed that way probably in about 6 months.
yo olde yo mama

MAC said...

OMG. I can't believe all the shout-outs. I am overwhelmed and frantically working on some killa posts. The heat is on, and not just in Saigon.