Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I had one helluva weekend with Swendolyn in town and the gorgeous weather.  But now it is rainy and kind of steamy and I am so not into it.

But one thing I am into is MapMyRun.  It is a website where you can enter the route you ran or walked and it will give you your mileage.  I think this is perfect for city folk, and just running folks in general.

I love it.

I am also looking forward to reading this, which my dear friend Wrenndolyn recommended. 

It just won the Pulitzer for Fiction and is a, "set of linked stories about a gruff, 60-something school teacher in a coastal town in Maine."

I went to college in Maine, I love the name Olive, and I love good books.  Count me in.

And today I get to see Wrenndolyn in her play.  We met through a mutual friend who took me to see her in another show and within the first 10 minutes of being onstage, she fell, broke her wrist, and we spent 4 hours with her in the ER.  That is when we first fell in friendlove.

So, I told her today I was NOT going to tell her to break a leg because of our track record.  Please pray that she doesn't have any accidents on stage (she really isn't an accident prone person) because I'd really like to see this show uninterrupted.


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