Monday, June 29, 2009


I am back from camp, and man oh man did I have a B-L-A-S-T.

Compared to when I left, I have more of these things: bug bites, freckles, and friendship bracelets.

I am also insanely sleep deprived and have a sore right side from heaving little children back up into their canoes and kayaks after they were allowed to tip themselves out of them on the last day out in the middle of the lake. They were only supposed to do it one or two times each, but of course they ended up going freaking bananas, flipped a million times a piece, and I had to tread water while flinging them back up to their boats.

Don't worry, we all had on life vests.

Or "Personal Flotation Devices" (PFD'S) as the pro's call them.

Each time I come back from camp I am pretty drained, but I always feel invigorated. Being around such wonderful people is the most deliciously intoxicating thing ever. Wherever you walk at camp, you can hear the laughter of the kids ringing out all over the place and everyone has a smile on their face. It is so, so, so much fun and it is just an excellent reminder of the goodness of life. It was like a soul cleansing to be outside in the woods without phones, computers, and general life craziness. My mind hasn't been that clear in a long time; it was like I was finally able to quiet down a bit.

And remember how obsessed I am with "The Sandlot?"

My co-counselor's boyfriend WAS IN THE MOVIE!


Remember? The one who always tells his brother who repeats him to shut up? I could die and go to heaven now. I have to meet this kid.

I am going to spend today doing laundry, seeing as I basically have no clean clothes and went to the store last night in my pajamas. These next few days will be my last in CA before heading off to my friend's wedding in Austin, TX!!!


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The Other Blog(ger) said...

Speaking of PFD's... remember when we tried to get some for our Wet Hot American Summer Party, and that guy put us through the freaking inquisition? That was sooo lame-o. But I'm glad you had the real things at camp-- blown up Ziplocks I'm guessing wouldn't be so helpful in a life or death situation.